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Originaire de l’Abitibi et de Montréal, nous avons établi nos pénates à Toronto en 1987. Après y avoir vécu pendant 25 ans, nous étions prêt pour un nouveau défi donc nous avons accepté un transfert à Paris en mai 2012. Pendant 2 ans et demi, nous avons sillonné la France et l’Europe pour découvrir de nouveaux endroits et de nouvelles cultures avec en prime une immersion dans la culture française. Une expérience très enrichissante que nous avons adoré. Nous sommes revenus nous installer à Montréal en janvier 2015. Après notre retour, nous avons décidé de convertir ce blogue pour seulement documenter nos voyages.

Originally from Abitibi and Montreal, we moved to Toronto in 1987. After 25 years of living in Toronto, we were ready for a new challenge so we accepted a transfer to Paris in May 2012. For 2 1/2 years, we travelled throughout France and Europe to discover new places and new cultures while immersing ourselves in the French culture. A wonderful experience that we simply loved. We came back to settle in Montreal in January 2015. After our return, we decided to only document our various trips on this blog.

Pays et territoires visités à ce jour / Countries & territories visited to date :

Allemagne / Germany
Angleterre /England
Antarctique (Péninsule) / Antarctica Peninsula
Argentine / Argentina
Australie / Australia
Autriche / Austria
Bahamas (Pierre)
Belgique / Belgium
Birmanie / Burma
Cayman Islands
Chili / Chile
Chypre / Cyprus
Chypre du Nord / North Cyrus
Corse / Corsica (Pierre)
Costa Rica
Crète / Crete 
Danemark / Denmark
Écosse  / Scotland
Égypte / Egypt
Émirats arabes unis / United Arab Emirates (Pierre)
Espagne / Spain
Estonie / Estonia
États-Unis / United States
Finlande/ Finland
Géorgie du Sud / South Georgia
Grèce / Greece
Hong Kong
Hongrie / Hungary
Îles Égéennes (Cyclades) / Aegean Islands (Cyclads)
Îles Malouines / Falklands Islands
Inde / India
Irlande / Ireland
Irlande du Nord / Northern Ireland
Islande / Iceland
Israël / Israel
Italie / Italy
Jordanie / Jordan
Malte & Gozo / Malta & Gozo
Maroc / Morocco
Mexique / Mexico
Nouvelle-Zélande / New Zealand
Pays-Bas / Netherlands
Pays de Galles / Wales
Pérou / Peru
Pologne / Poland (Pierre)
République Tchèque / Czech Republic
Sicile / Sicily
Suède / Sweden
Suisse / Switzerland
Tasmanie / Tasmania
Thaïlande / Thailand
Turquie / Turkey
Vietnam (Suzanne)
Yougoslavie / Yugoslavia (Pierre)

Suzanne Levasseur & Pierre Richer

Pour nous contacter / To contact us:


80 thoughts on “À propos / About”

  1. Frank De Cock said:

    Have fun in Paris, Tournesol and Tintin :).
    Long time no hear/see.

    Kind regards,

    (TL: Dingo – from the era the dinosaurs still walked the earth)

    • Hi Frank:

      Wow, this is truly a voice from the past. I hope you are well and thanks for your good wishes on our stay in Paris. We are adapting very well after 2 months here and enjoying ourselves so far. Take care.


  2. Bonjour Suzanne et Pierre! I decided that your hard work and double-language posting deserved some recognition. Please come over to collect your prize (http://leculentrelesdeuxchaises.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/shock-and-awe/).

    • Thanks for the recognition. It is very nice of you. I also enjoy your blog and your writing style. By the way, we write in French & English as we have family & friends in both camp and we wanted to be able to keep in touch easily with both groups. We write the original text in French and then with the help of Google translation we write the English (Google isn’t perfect for the translation but it provides a good start and reduce the amount of time we spend on writing the text in English)

  3. Hello Suzanne and Pierre.

    My name is Ana O’Reilly and I’m a contributing editor with http://PocketCultures.com I enjoyed reading your blog and would like to ask your permission to review it for our site. I think it’s a good fit.



  4. Excellent Blog.. Great choice I have been visiting France every spring/summer for the past 20 yrs.. I must have the Paris ghost in me.. Will have to share a bottle sometime..

    Richard (Toronto GTA )

  5. Kiki Walker said:

    Thank you for following my blog! I do appreciate it.

  6. Wanted to thank you for paying a visit to my blog and deciding to follow my posts

  7. Bonjour mes amis. Merci beaucoup pour le ‘follow’. 🙂

  8. HI, I nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogger award here http://praguebykaty.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/praguebykaty100/, beacuse I think your blog is really stunning. I know you already noticed my nomination, I just didn’t have time to inform you till now :-).

  9. G’day from down under Suzanne and Pierre, I hope you enjoyed visiting my world. It brought me over to check yours out and I like what I see so will be popping over every now and again. Cheers… 🙂

  10. Good luck with the move, hope it is all you hope and more!! I always enjoy meeting other people with a passion for travelling! Thanks for following my journey. Will be on the lookout for your next post about this adventure you are on!

    • Thanks Janaline. We are indeed very much enjoying our new adventures and we absolutely love living in Paris. We are getting close to the one year mark and we are still very much happy with our decisions. Thanks for being interested in our journey and we do have a passion for experiencing and attempting to understand other cultures.

  11. Hi, thanks for the like on my blog! That’s an impressive list of countries you’ve visited! Your blog has also brightened up my day as I found I could understand the French and didn’t need to read the English part! 🙂 Linda.

  12. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award! Congratulations! See here for more information – http://expateyeonlatvia.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/lovely-latvia/

  13. Hey Suzanna, Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog and the follow, hope you liked what you saw. Looking forward to seeing more from you,

  14. visionarymarketing said:

    Sympa ! bienvenue à Paris !

    • Merci pour ce gentil mot de bienvenue. Nous venons de célébrer notre premier anniversaire à Paris et il nous reste un an à notre contrat. Nous adorons notre séjour et en profitons pour voyager partout en Europe et au Moyen-Orient.

  15. It will be fascinating to read about your adventures! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m glad you did or I may have never discovered yours 🙂

  16. Hi Suzanne et Pierre, thank you for discovering my blog http://www.throughharoldslens.com. It gave me the opportunity to discover, explore and Follow your blog. Hope we both enjoy our journeys. Best, Harold

  17. Salut! Thank you for visiting my blog and for the follow, I look forward to exploring your blog as well. ps: I’m currently trying to learn some French although my vocabulary is in a complete mess! but I’ll anyhow attempt to read some of your French post:). Meanwhile I hope you will enjoy my blog. A bientot Suzanne et Pierre.

  18. Thanks for the ‘follow’ – much appreciated. My blog is still relatively new and unknown, so my early readers are very special 🙂
    Hope you enjoy my posts, varied as they are.
    I’m just checking out your blog too – love he dual language usage too.
    Uncle Spike.

    • Thanks Uncle Spike. I am certain I will enjoy your posts and I am glad to hear that you are enjoying ours. The bilingual text is a necessity as we have friends & family speaking either of these languages. It is quite a bit more work but we manage…

  19. Great blog, I love all the cultural tidbits! Je veux ameliorer mon francais et votre blog m’inspire à lire plus en francais. Merci!

  20. Hello Suzanne and Pierre, Thank you for following my photography blog, Jane’s Lens. I hope you are inspired. We have been living in Sydney and traveling in Australia for three months and hope to do continue in different parts of the world. Your photographs are wonderful and I will enjoy seeing more.

    • Thanks Jane. I quite liked your pictures as well and looking forward to seeing more of Australia through your lens. We are half-way through a 3 years stay in Paris and we travel extensively throughout Europe so you can expect to see pictures from Paris and many other places around Europe. I hope you continue to enjoy our photography.

  21. Thank you for the follow! I’m excited to read all of your posts. I’ve been trying to read the French text so the English below it is nice too.

    • Thanks for your note and I am glad that you are finding our bilingual blog interesting. We created the blog to keep in touch with our friends and family and had to do it in both languages as we have people in both camps…

  22. I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I have been impressed by your approach to blogging and your commitment. You can find out more about your nomination and the rules that come with it on my blog: http://ayearinperigord.com/2014/11/29/twice-as-lucky-very-inspiring-blogger-award/



  23. Merci pour cette belle documentation photo de Montréal et d’ailleurs… 🙂

    • Merci pour votre note. Nous aimons beaucoup nous promener avec nos caméras pour observer les détails des endroits où nous habitons ou visitons. Donc, beaucoup plus de photos à venir sur Montréal car nous y sommes maintenant installés.

  24. Pleased to meet you both. 🙂

  25. Impressive number of countries you have visited! My heritage is French-Canadian (great grandparents) so it was fun to visit your bi-lingual blog. Your photos are great!

  26. Thank you for becoming my 200th follower. And I see that Slovenia, my original country, is still waiting among your visited countries. I just returned from the capital Ljubljana and it’s truly beautiful. I suggest it in the spring. 🙂 Wishing you much joy on my pages.

    • Thanks for your note. There are still so many countries on our list that we would like to visit. We had hoped to make it to Slovenia while we were living in Paris but we didn’t make it. It is however on the list. Maybe soon…

  27. Bonjour Suzanne! I was wondering if you had any advice on a small, compact digital camera that would be better than an iPhone but not too technically advanced? I am looking to buy one for work and blogging purposes. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome!

    • Bonjour Mel. You are asking a very difficult question as it really depends of what you want to do and how you want to do it. There are lots of different models on the market and I believe that the compact market is actually dwindling because most people are now using their phone to take pictures instead of buying a camera. Camera companies are mostly focusing on the SLR market and trying to offer features that aren’t possible on phone cameras.

      One option to add flexibility to your iPhone is to buy a lens that you can attach to your camera.

      When we start looking at buying new equipment, we often use a site called DP Review and here is a link to recommendations on compact cameras in various categories which might help you decide what you want to buy.

      I hope this is helpful but don’t hesitate to send me a message if you want to discuss further.

  28. Lovely blog; look forward to reading many of your posts:)

  29. Ann @Ann Edwards Photography said:

    so pleased to have found your blog, Suzanne and Pierre!

  30. Hi Suzan and Pierre. I’m really happy to have stumbled upon your blog, not only because of those great photos you took from your travels, but also the fact that this is a bilingual blog. I used to be able to strike some conversations in French which was very useful during my short trip to Paris and Brussels back in 2007. However, I use the language a lot less extensively since then, therefore I feel like I should begin somewhere to brush up my French. Your blog can be a good start! Keep traveling, keep writing, and keep inspiring!

    • Merci Bama pour votre note. I am glad that our blog can be helpful to you..,We don’t publish regularly now only after we have been on a major trip but you can go back to our extensive archive if you wish to continue practicing your French…

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